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Legend (WT_SWDV/WT_Inland_Water_Resources_WTM_Ext_v2)

1:24K Flow Direction (8)
Primary Flow Direction Primary Flow Direction
Intermittent Streams (0)
Strahler Stream Order (1)
1st Order 1st Order
2nd Order 2nd Order
3rd Order 3rd Order
4th Order 4th Order
5th Order 5th Order
6th Order 6th Order
7th Order 7th Order
8th Order 8th Order
9th Order 9th Order
24K Hydrography Streams and Rivers (2)
24K Hydrography Lakes and Open Water (3)
Great Lakes and Mississippi Basins (4)
Lake Michigan Basin Lake Michigan Basin
Lake Superior Basin Lake Superior Basin
Mississippi River Basin Mississippi River Basin
Watersheds (5)
DNR Water Management Units (6)
WHD-Plus Catchments (7)
WHD-Plus Upstream Catchments (10)