Private Forest Lands Open for Public Recreation

Map/Data Display

Map/Data Display

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Map/Data Display

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hmtoggle_plus1Land Description dialog box

The Land Description dialog box will be displayed anytime you select lands enrolled in the tax program. The point that represents the data showing in the dialog box will be highlighted. HighlightPoint The highlighting will switch to another point as you page through the records so you will always know for which point the data is displayed.

Information displayed includes;

Acres near selected point that are open to public recreation

Additional acres (if any) that may be nearby that are under the same MFL or FCL number

Type of activities allowed

Landowner Contact

DNR Forestry Contact

Link to Open Detail Section Map  for the Township-Range-Section on this MFL# (Map is not always available; contact local forester for information)

Location including: PLSS legal description, municipality, and latitude/longitude coordinate of selected point

Data update date

Ability to Zoom To selected point




hmtoggle_plus1Open Detail Section Map

If the MapIcon Open Detail Section Map  link exists for the selected point, selecting the link will bring up a Adobe PDF version of the Section map on file.

The land enrolled in the tax law program will be outlined with purple or green lines.

The land open for public recreation will also be highlighted in yellow.

Sample MFL map 

Sample MFL map 


hmtoggle_plus1Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

The PLSS is a grid of survey lines and monuments forming approximate 6 mile by 6 mile townships across Wisconsin. Each township is divided into 36 - 1 mile by 1 mile sections of approximately 640 acres, but size can vary greatly. Each section is further divided into 16 quarter-quarter sections or what we commonly refer to as "40s". The acreage of each quarter-quarter section can vary, so a "40" may not actually be 40 acres in size. There are also other land descriptions called government and fractional lots. Government lots are often lands adjoining meandered water bodies.  Fractional lots describe property in undersized or over sized sections.





For a full description of the PLSS see the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office or the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey


hmtoggle_plus1Map Scale

Map Scale is displayed on the green title bar on the upper left corner of the map ScaleInfo.

Map scale is not specific to any measurement unit, that is, it is a ratio of 1 unit on the map equal to 'x' number of units on the ground.

A scale bar ScaleBar is displayed on the lower left corner of the map. The scale bar converts the map scale to measurable map units for you. The units displayed shows miles or feet depending on how far you are zoomed in.

Examples converting map scale to other units.



hmtoggle_plus1Turn On/Off Aerial Photo, Map, or Topo


1.To turn on/off the aerial photo click or touch the Aerial box at the top. A checkmark indicates the photo is on. This is not available at all scales; you must be zoomed in to 1:63,360 or smaller. The aerial map is not available when the Topo map is selected.

2.To turn on/off supplemental map information click or touch the Map box at the top. This is available at all scales, but not when the Topo map is selected. A checkmark indicates the map info is on.

3.To turn on/off the Topo map click or touch the Topo Box at the top. A checkmark indicates the Top is on. When Topo is on, the other views are not available.

4.The Topo map cannot be displayed at the same time as the base map and aerial map. Turn off the Topo map to enable checking the Aerial or Map boxes.