The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) seeks to provide access to the best statewide map information available to the DNR for use in public map services.

The information shown on these maps has been obtained from various sources, and are of varying age, reliability and resolution. These maps are not intended to be used for navigation, nor are these maps an authoritative source of information about legal land ownership or public access. Users of these maps should confirm the ownership of land through other means in order to avoid trespassing. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, applicability for a particular use, completeness, or legality of the information depicted on this map. Users are responsible for reviewing copyright and acceptable use conditions to ensure appropriate use of this data and to avoid copyright infringement.

WARNING: For the months of January, February, and March, the data shown on the maps is from the previous year. This means that lands identified on this website during that time may not be accurate! Please take additional steps to ensure the land is up-to-date by checking the contacts provided to you. Data is updated in April and then will display the current year data.

On the map, CLICK on the purple or red points for more information

- Public hunting, fishing, hiking, sight-seeing, and cross-country skiing allowed on open Managed Forest Law (MFL) lands

- Public hunting and fishing allowed on open Forest Crop Law (FCL) lands

No unauthorized uses including motorized vehicle traffic are allowed on either MFL or FCL lands.

Click on Open Detail Section Map in the land description dialog box to view a detail map of the lands open for public recreation. Detail maps are not available for all points representing open lands.

The Forest Crop Law (FCL) and Managed Forest Law (MFL) data is a generalized spatial representation of lands enrolled by landowners in these programs.  Often, enrolled parcels are represented by the center point of the approximate 40-acre square (a quarter-quarter section) in which they lie; however, the actual size of the enrolled property is described in the dialog box that appears when you click on a purple or red points in the application.  Specific location and ownership information, as well as information on public access to these lands, may be obtained through the DNR Foresters listed in the dialog box within the application or the landowner.

Certain government lots or fractional lots, which cannot be represented by a Public Land Survey System (PLSS) quarter-quarter section description, are represented by either a quarter section or an entire section.  This occurs for < 2% of the open MFL or FCL lands.  Because of this, users should take additional care in researching the lands enrolled as open to public access before recreating.

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